MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity)is a condition I have lived with for now, just over 12 years. And due to the nature of the condition, will live with, for the rest of my life.

Really sad part: It did not have to be this way.

MCS is a very serious health erosion problem for those who suffer daily from the loss of immune stabilization, due to synthetic chemical exposure; as well as myriad of other ‘modern society’ conditions.

What many are totally unaware of is this: MCS is already affecting each and every person: those who are reading this and those who are not. No one is immune from it’s reach.It’s a time bomb. Steadily ticking; with your number rolling up; whether you’re aware or not.

Educate yourself about MCS.

  • Know what it is;
  • How it hits;
  • Why it hits;
  • Whom it hits.
  • But most important – learn how you CAN AVOID getting hit.

I’m reminded to post this because I just read this article:

Very well stated; with stats that will no doubt surprise many. And sadly, those stats aren’t the half of the reality.

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