12.08.2009 – My visit to Doc Bridge went well.  He was kind enough to let me have the 1st slot of the day. That way the amount of petrochem-fragrance-propellant-colloid-emollient-binder reaction I have will only be enough to sideline me for a week. That in place of a month.  Kind of him.

This was the first time in a month that I’d actually been ‘inside’ a foreign-air enclosure.  To say I was a bit nervous is an understatement.  People who don’t suffer from this condition dont’ get it.  There are two (2) levels of discomfort with MCS:

  • 1) anticipation (psychological response)  – not the good kind either.  You know you’re going to hurt, but if it’s unavoidable, your try to minimize, but you do it anyway.\
  • 2) physiological response – you come into contact with chemicals that make you sick; whether you ingest it or it is absorbed through your skin; it makes you sick. And you know it’s going to do so.

Going out into the FragZone is scary. 

The checkup when pretty much… normal.  I told the same ‘story’ again for the umpteenth time and got the same response.  “You’re in good health, except for this little unexplained element.”  OK. Wow! I am now informed.  “. \

I don’t actually blame Doc Bridge, he’s truly a good doctor; a caring and compassionate person.  But, this is the same reaction or address I get from every person whom I’ve met in medicine. It’s how they handle being confronted with conditions for which they have: no-to-little training, is out of their field, or field-of-view, not in the AMA playbook.  MCS is a major player in this ‘it’s a weird and unknown, probably all in your head, anyway, condition arena’. 

There definitely needs to be more eduction.  Please!  Remove the barriers!  Eveyone needs it.

NEW ISSUE: Maybe ?
Over the past couple of weeks (since just before Thanksgiving 2009) I’ve been noticing aches and pains, uncommon even for me.  After on extensive online research and analysis – it ‘appeared’ these new manifestations could indicate the potential for late-stage Lyme infection. 

So I asked Doc Bridge to please test for this  condition.

The Lyme tests were run.  Now I wait.

UPDATE: Lyme Tests were NEGATIVE.  No presence of Lyme infection; now or ever.  Good.  I don’t have that malady to deal with.  Bad, in that now I have to look for another source (other than MCS) for the cause of my current condition.

The search for a return to ‘normal’ continues…

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