Well, my ‘few days’, since my last post on 14 NOV, has turned into a ‘few more days’ than expected.

Thank you, MCS and other related,  and … unrelated interrptions.

It will be a few days – maybe weeks – before I get to releasing the images I’d mentioned in the last post. I will release them.  They are planned, just not produced … yet.  I’ll  tell you a bit more about them though.

I will release three (3) images on the YOSAKIME blog as FREE downloads.  The downloads will be available as screen-savers ‘n backgrounds (usable on computer and phone screens) and as PDF printable images.

These and other images will be available on Zazzle and other selected outlets.  I will release the images to be available on the ‘standard fair products’ such as:: T-shirts, mouse pads, coffee cups and more.

There will be more, too.  But I’ll let that reveal come a bit later.  I think you’ll find both the images and the formats to be interesting.

Whatever is made off the sale of these items will be used to fund my efforts with YOSAKIME.

I will be looking for an existing 501 C3 non-profit willing to take YOSAKIME under its wing so we can make application for funding support, too.

I have a number of items planned to release over the next 30 days.  I wil produce a podcast – weekly to begin with – if there is enough material and interest I might make it daily.  Podcasts will cover information I find of interest, discussion of scientific, medical and social issues of relativity to MCS and other environmental illnesses.  I will also include interviews of people who are themselves MCS sufferers, medical professionals, scientists, social workers and interesting people from the commercial world.

All in all I will make YOSAKIMEpod (a work in progress name – for sure! .. any ideas? ) an interesting, informative and – hopefully – entertaining 30 minute program.  And yes, I will be seeking sponsorship for the program.  If you are interested in sponsoring – or know of someone who is – please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

I will also be working on a monthly video cast.  At first I’ll be writing script and lining up interviews and shoots.  When I have a year’s supply in what I call the ‘pre-video can’… meaning, the stuff I develop while I come up with video camera.  Hey, anyone want to earn a quick 6 month sponsorship?  Provide me with a video camera and I’ll push your ‘front and center’ on the YOSAKIME network for 6 months.  24/7/365 promotion.  If you’re interested .. contact me.

Until the next Gasp.  Stay clear and FRAG FREE!!


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