YOSAKIME, the blog dealing with the day-to-day trials I encounter with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.The name YOSAKIME is just an acronym. Despite it’s sounding and looking quite Nippon, it is not Japanese for anything.  In fact, until I created the blog, Google rendered NOTHING in return for the entry: YOSAKIME.  However, as of this morning I noticed that YOSAKIME now renders in Google. To my WordPress.com blog. A testiment to the power of uniqueness and Word Press.  Well, that’s one way to get into a high Google ranking!I did consider several other, let’s say renditions of this acronym – but the other names, though some even more realistic iterations of the of the condition and what is happening to me, however,  produced words of a less-than-desirable nature.  I’ll leave it to your imagination, the words I rejected.

But I like the word YOSAKIME.  I went looking for a word to put forth the feeling I get whenever I walk into a public area and am assaulted by the smells of the human presence there, awash in fragrance and au du chemical.  The term I use regularly, to describe such an encounter, is a HIT. As in, “I just took a ‘hit’ from that couple as they walked by. Both of them were wreaking of fragrance abuse.” So, the name YOSAKIME pretty well says it all.

YO is a modern vernacular for YOUSAK is pronouced like the article of clothing worn on your foot and what you got when you mouthed off to your big brother/sister once too often: SOCKI is pronounced like a short ‘i’ – but with trendy, east coast attitude.  Sort of like the ‘Rocky Balboaism, “Yo! Yuse talk’i to me?”  And the ME .. well, it’s just that  ME… as in me and you.

Thus, the name aptly elucidates the sensation triggered by a presence, engulfing me in a seamless wrapper of fragrance/chemical pollution.

YOU SOCKED ME !And I just took a ‘hit’.

A ‘hit’, that will take me no less than three (3) days to clear from my system.  Three days of headaches, muscle and joint pain. Three days of the inability to concentrate and get my work done.  Three days stolen – by YOU! – from me.  Why?  Simply because YOU wanted to ‘smell good’.  A totally self indulgent pleasure – with nothing more intrinsic than feeding your own vanity.  For this, I endure no less than three days of pain, misery and further isolation.

Hey, Thanks.  For nothing.

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