It's now 3 weeks and counting…

When it started all sorts of things began running through my mind..

  • What is it?
  • What's causing this?
  • Is it something serious?

The pain began subtle enough. But there's nothing subtle about it now at all. It's pervasive, growing and constant. Now I know why they have a profession called pain management.

I'm still not sure what the 'source' or 'cause' of the pain in my left side is. I know it's not a heart attack; I've been though all that with a serious 'pseudo-attack', back in 2005 due to a mycotoxin-induced false arrhythmia. Besides, it's not at all the classic- left-side-pain associated with arrhythmia.

The pain is more like that associated with the ache of a toothache. It radiates from my shoulder down through my ankle. The point-of-focus switches from my shoulder-to-elbow to the hip-to-knee circuit; with a hole lot of extra attention given to the hip-to-knee zone. I now walk with a prominent limp… at least until the pain subsides a bit. Even that sense of relief is getting less and less frequent.

I find myself in a constant state of 'twisting and stretching'. All in an attempt to 'pop' my back at the mid-dorsal (T-3, T-5 vertebrae). I know I could use a serious session with my chiropractor. Much like I could do with a visit to my GP doctor. But – THEREIN lies the conundrum. The PROBLEM surfaces again.

The PROBLEM: my MCS condition.

Because of The PROBLEM, I can't go to either the chiropractor or the doctor. Their offices are a quivering masses of CPCs (Chemical Pollution Components). All it takes is one person entering the room – all 'souped up' – and the whole place is a 'toxic soup' for me. And this isn't even considering the native environmental issues: furniture, flooring, cleaners, ink, fresheners, etc. – that are common to the office space. So that 'single person' entering the already awash CPC arena only magnifies the already present dangers.

I can't just ask them to clean it up for me. Well, I could, I know them both personally. They are both fine people who will work something out for me – eventually.. But I won't ask them to 'flush their office environment' just for me. That's too, presumptuous and self-indulgent. At least to way of thinking.

However, in keeping with my personal – It's not about (me) you – principle – I have no qualms with letting them have 'both barrels' on the need to clean up their work environment; for them, their employees and their clients. I am suffering. But it's far bigger than just me!

The 5G COW
That's where YOSAKIME comes in. YOSAKIME is my surrogate 5 gallon can-o-whoopass! Yeah that's right, the 5G COW! And I have no problem with whipping out the can opener and letting it all out on anyone who is equally unrestricted when it comes to polluting the air environment we ALL have to access. Healthy, clean air is basic to life. Smelling pretty is not.

To that end, I'm unleashing my inner designer.  This is, after all, one of a Creative Information Architect's multifaceted tools!  I am creating a series of visuals designed to GRAB the attention – or the lapels if necessary –  of anyone seeing them.  

They are not meant to be for humor, though many will find them humorous.  This is serious stuff.  As serious as the next breath I take, may be the very one to set me into a 3-6 week of pain, interrupted life, lost work, family and personal time and more.  I want people to be intercepted, educated, protected and reflected when the images are put into the public view.

I live with the isolation. So, YES!… it's personal.

I will be releasing more information about the YOSAKIME Project in the next few days on our Twitter, Facebook and YOSAKIME Ning Community.  Of course,I will also place them here on the YOSAKIME blog.

So, for now …. to deal with the pain, I continue to take copious amounts of Ibuprofin™. I know many reading this would say that taking any of the muscle relaxants is a dangerous dance.  I do agree. But without it I cannot concentrate. I need to concentrate to get my work … what little I have of it I can garner … done. If I said how much I was taking, I'd probably get intervention emails and phone calls.

Save them for those who SHOULD read them.

  • Send those emails … to friends, relatives, co-workers, employers, government officials.
  • Send them to all those people who are currently THE PROBLEM.
  • Send them to all the people who carelessly go about their daily grind, with the mindset that people like me – and many who would read this – have nothing wrong with them; that it's just all in our heads.
  • Send them to the manufacturers who disregard, daily!!, the warnings concernng their products in favor of profit.

All in the name of freedom of capitalism.


Tell them "Your Smells Are KILLING Me!" … and them, too…!!!

Like the pain… the saga continues. 'Til the next Gasp, stay clean, safe and ChemFree.

… you heard it on YOSAKIME first!

CPCs (Chemical Pollution Components) … Yes, this is new. No wonder you've never heard of it, right? I have coined it to describe those activators – invisible and largely undetectable by our five senses – but, which are the catalysts of our suffering. I have not found this term used online or in any conversations I've read in other MCS or related literature. I introduce it here to begin a conversation about this, the baseline origin of the MCS problem.

5G COW (5 Gallon Can-O-Whoopass) … The term 'How'd you like me to open a can-o-whoopass on you?' has been popularized by a number of 'Country' oriented comedians and the same genre-mentality on many Internet conversation venues. It may sound a bit crass – and I'll admit, it is. But it's a case of fighting fire with fire.  Really though, it's no more crass than the beautiful people wannabes who swagger all around the planet fumigating the rest of us with their CPC laden 'beauty washes/douches/pamper oils/lotions/colognes/perfumes/sprays… gag, gag, sputter…gasp.. etc. The 5G COW is what YOSAKIME is unleashing on those who choose to be polluters of the air we all have the share.

Get prepared… order your can now so you're ready when next you need it.

Or, if you're a CPC engine – you'd better get ready to feel the pain. 'Cause, Baaabyyy! – there's a can of 5G COW just waiting for you, with your name on it. I guarantee-damn-T-you.


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